Read ‘Public Order’: My entry for the October #BlogBattle!


Well, here we go again! It’s time for the monthly #BlogBattle! The prompt for October is ‘clone’. Such a great word! So many directions to take it in…

As with the last #BlogBattle, I wrote this piece as quickly as possible — to give it a sense of urgency. I hope the sensation translates well to the story! You can read my entry here, it’s titled Public Order.

Our eyes lock, and for an instant, I can’t breathe. I avert my gaze to the floor. Keep walking, I tell myself. Just. Keep. Walking.

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I really enjoyed writing this piece, and I feel as though it’s slightly more horrific than my straightforward horror pieces — mainly because, for the most part, it’s rooted in reality, rather than fantasy.

As always, you should definitely check out the other bloggers’ stories, when they’re up!


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