‘18.01528’: A short story about a heated conversation

Hey, guys! Hope you’re all doing well, as autumn fast approaches! This next one was written for the Reedsy contest, Dog Days of Summer. I chose the prompt, “Write a story about another day in a heatwave.” At first, I wasn’t really sure what direction to take the story in, but then inspiration struck and I went for a Mad Max-ian vibe. The title of my story is 18.01528, and — as per — you can read it here on WordPress or over on my Reedsy profile!

The old man spoke, pale blue gaze resolute. He ignored the barrel of the assault rifle that was aimed at his forehead. “We were neither prepared nor equipped to cooperate.”

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Well, until tomorrow’s Friday Afternoon Frights… 😉


‘Where the Children Used to Play’: A story about what happens after the horror

Hey guys! How we all doing? Sick of this constant barrage of stories yet? Well, I’m afraid we’re not quite done yet — but we’re almost there! This next one I’m really rather fond of. It was written for the contest A Moment Like This, and for a while I was thinking about using the prompt, “Write a story told entirely through one chase scene,” but in the end, I went for, “Write a story about a summer afternoon spent in a treehouse.” I don’t want to become predictable, after all! Anyway, the title of my story is Where the Children Used to Play, and you can read it here on WordPress or over on my Reedsy profile.

They couldn’t climb, so she knew she was safe, even if only temporarily.

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Well, until next time, guys and gals — stay safe, and look after each other. 🙂

‘Living and Dying in 42 Beachley Street’: An apocalyptic story written during lockdown

We’re halfway through July. How the hell are we halfway through July!? The year is just flying past, isn’t it? I guess that can be mostly (but not completely) attributed to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown.

Appropriately, this next one was written in the middle of lockdown, for the contest Close to Home. I chose the prompt, “Write a story about two neighbours talking from their yards, windows, balconies, etc.” The title of my story is Living and Dying in 42 Beachley Street, and you can read it here on WordPress or over on my Reedsy profile.

I held my breath as the silhouette of the little old lady turned around at the sound of my veranda door opening, then sighed internally when she waved cheerfully in my direction.

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I really like this one, and it’s actually the kinda vibe I’m going for in my current WIP (stay tuned…). I hope you guys liked it! Until next time — be careful of your zombie neighbours.

The next Reedsy entry on the list: ‘The Open Window Lets the Rain In’


Okay, so continuing with the short stories I’ve been meaning to upload! This one was written for the Reedsy contest Staying Inside. I chose the prompt, “Write a story about a rainy day spent indoors.” The title of my short story is The Open Window Lets the Rain In, and you can read it here on WordPress, or over on my Reedsy profile.

It’s three o’clock in the afternoon when I discover the open window in the upstairs bathroom.


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I had a lot of fun writing this, I really enjoyed the creepy descent into insanity. Maybe it was a bit too close to home, with the current lockdown. 😉 Anyway, stay safe you guys! More stories coming soon!

Read my quirky little entry for this week’s Reedsy: ‘Frank’


Hey, guys! So, here we are, the final day of NaNoWriMo! But… I’ll be making a post about that another day. Today is Reedsy short story contest time! The final Reedsy during NaNoWriMo! I’ve found it a little bit exhausting to maintain all my side stuff alongside NaNo, but I’ve made it!

This week’s Reedsy theme was ‘All the Fixin’s’ for Thanksgiving! As a Brit, I don’t really know what it’s exactly all about, but I was more than happy to pen a story under the theme, nonetheless! I chose prompt #2 — “Write a story about a family dinner that includes someone unexpected showing up.”

The title of my story is Frank, and, as always, you can read it here on WordPress, or over on my Reedsy profile!

We all thought that Frank was dead. Had we known that he wasn’t, we would have killed him again.

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I wrote this piece in a really short space of time, due to my NaNo commitments — it came together in the space of an hour or so. I think it’s got quite an off-beat vibe! I hope you all like it!

Stay tuned for more posts as NaNo comes to an end!

‘As It Ends’ Was Shortlisted for the Reedsy Contest!


Hey, everyone! Sorry for being so quiet on here lately, but life has been so busy! Anyway, I’ve been shortlisted for the Reedsy contest again! This marks the second time I’ve been shortlisted for the contest. Of course, I’d love to win the contest again, I’m still really pleased at being shortlisted!

If you haven’t already, you can read As It Ends here, or over on my Reedsy profile.

Sally didn’t see the nukes explode.

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If you’d like to read my previously shortlisted story, What Did We Do? click here or here. And if you’d like to read my stories that actually won, you can read The Things That Do Not Float here and here, and Astro Naught here and here.

Check back tomorrow to read my latest entry! I feel as if I’ve broken new ground with this most recent piece…

Read ‘As It Ends’: My apocalyptic entry for this week’s Reedsy contest!


You know the drill, folks! It’s Reedsy time! This week had the theme of ‘the plot thickens’. Whilst on the topic, Reedsy have just released a randomised plot generator — head on over, and give it a go! It’s a lot of fun!

I chose prompt #3 — “It kicks off on a yacht with the delivery of an important letter.” I took some liberties with the definition of ‘letter’, but I don’t think the guys over at the Reedsy team will mind too much. The title of my story is As It Ends. Click here to read it on WordPress, and click over here to read it on my Reedsy profile.

Sally didn’t see the nukes explode.

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I struggled a bit to find the time to write this piece — what with NaNoWriMo going on, #BlogBattle to write for, and all that. I managed to find the time, somewhere, but I didn’t spend as much time on this as I usually do. Nevertheless, I’m still kinda proud of it, if only for the sheer volume of writing I’ve been doing since the start of November!

Well, until time — I hope you like the story, and I hope you have a great week! See ya!

‘Watching Jeremy’: My bleak entry for this week’s Reedsy contest


Well, here we are again. It doesn’t seem quite right that we’re halfway through October 2019 already, does it? But as they say, time waits for no man. As with last week, you’re getting twice the Josh today — Bite-Sized Halloween and a short story!

This week’s theme was ‘childhood meets adulthood’. I chose prompt #4 — “Write about a parent who sees pieces of a family member’s (or their own) personality in their child — whether this brings them comfort, terror, or something in between.’

I wrote my story in a frantic rush once I’d read the prompt. Sometimes I have to think about the story a bit, before putting words on paper. This was not one of those occasions… The words came rushing out of my fingertips in a frenzy. I feel as though the story is quite a bit darker than my usual fare, even though it’s not straight-up horror. It’s called Watching Jeremy, and you can find it here on WordPress, or over on my Reedsy profile.

Dad had killed people. Before, I mean.

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I hope you find it to be an entertaining read, despite its dark tone. Writing this was one of those rare experiences where you don’t even think about what you’re doing, it just… happens.

You should definitely check out some of the other entries over on Reedsy’s site — there’s really something for everyone, regardless of your genre-specific tastes.

Until next time…

Read ‘Two Wheels to the Coast’: This week’s Reedsy short story!

Hey all! Hope you’ve had a good week — it’s flown by! This week’s Reedsy theme was centered around road trips!

I chose prompt #1 — “Write a story about a family road trip.” I think my story straddles the boundary between my horror and non-horror pieces of work. I’m quite pleased with it! The story is called Two Wheels to the Coast, and you can read it here.

Enjoy the short story! And think: how would you and your family fare on a road trip without a motorised vehicle?

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Bite-Sized Horror is back tomorrow!

‘Good Boy’: A story in 99 words

During the days they walked, the man and his dog, searching for food, clean water, and shelter for the evening. They also searched for other survivors in the rubble, but were yet to find anything alive.

At night, they hid, and took refuge from the things that stalked the twilight for prey. They slept sporadically, huddled together for warmth.

They shared each other’s food and each other’s company, refusing to surrender that last ounce of hope. They held on to their reminiscences, remembering the good times.

But they could not erase the awful memory of that blooming mushroom cloud.


person holding black and tan dog
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com


Written in response to CarrotRanch’s September 5, 2019, prompt: true grit.