Read my short YA horror story, ‘The Hands That Rattle the Cage’!

Hey there, everyone! Back again! Sorry for the radio silence, but I moved to a new apartment and was without proper internet for roughly a month. I kept writing though — I’m always writing! So, on with catching up on the Reedsy backlog!

This one was written for the contest You’ve Got a Friend in Me. I chose the prompt, “Write a story about two people who meet and become instant friends.” The title of my story is The Hands That Rattle the Cage, and you can read it either here on WordPress or over on my Reedsy profile!


The shout startled her from her reverie. Jackie opened her eyes and squinted up at the sun. It was about midday, by her estimates.

“Hey, you!

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Well, that’s about it for today! I’ll be catching up on all the others over the coming days! In the meantime, stay safe, everyone!


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