Read ‘What Did We Do?’ My short story for this week’s Reedsy contest!

Hey guys! Hope you’re all well and getting ready for Halloween! I know I am — pumpkin purchased and ready to carve! I also hope you’re enjoying the Bite-Sized Halloween stuff — the conclusion is rapidly approaching!

This week’s Reedsy theme was armchair detectives; I chose prompt #2 — ‘Write a story about a character with a sidekick.’ I have to admit, I didn’t really stick with the theme, as I had a really cool horror idea that I wanted to pursue! After all, these prompts are meant as guides to kickstart your writing. The title of my story is What Did We Do? As always, you can read it here on WordPress, and over here on my Reedsy profile.

The dogs were the first to sense it. Without them, who knows how it would have all turned out? Maybe it would have all been over within a few hours.

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Hope you like it! And remember: always trust your dog’s instincts!

Until next time…


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