I won last week’s Reedsy contest with my story ‘The Things That Do Not Float’!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Last Saturday, I made a post about once again entering the weekly Reedsy short story contest… it turns out that I won!

I was really pleased to hear that the team over at Reedsy enjoyed my story — it’s always nice to know that somebody out there liked your work. If you haven’t already, you can check out my winning entry here on WordPress, titled The Things That Do Not Float. Reedsy also published the story on their site and on their Medium blog.

So, a massive thanks to the Reedsy team for hosting these weekly contests (I look forward to the new prompts every Friday!), and thank you for picking The Things That Do Not Float as the winner!

Head over to Reedsy’s site to learn more about their weekly contests.


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